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Day 3: The Power of Dream?


It happens all the time: when I strive to have something, I don't get it. Similarly, I get bunch of things when I am simply take it easy.

I still remember when I ambitiously want to win a news anchor competition at Universitas Indonesia back in 2012. I ended up just being one of the 10 finalists. Contrary, I became the 1st winner of an essay competition at Universitas Pasundan when I just sent my writings and didn't care about it anymore.
It makes me confused and feel uncertain pretty much about 'the power of dream'. Because many movies, books, and television shows put much emphasize on the power of will. That the universe will conspire in making your dream comes true, as Paulo Coelho said in 'the Alchemist'. Likewise, man jadda wa jadda or who's being determined will be successful, as Ahmad Fuadi said in 'Negeri 5 Menara'.

The power of support and prayers also affect me the same way. Every time I compete for something, and …

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