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Why We Compare Ourselves to Others?

“I don’t see the sense in comparing ourselves to other people all the time. It’s not about being better than anyone else or having nicer things...”

I read it in “Seriously.. I’m Kidding” by Ellen DeGeneres and couldn’t say anything but agree. I think comparison makes you feel bad about yourself, no matter how good you are. But still, in reality, words are easier than actions.

I’ve been telling myself not to compare myself to others, but I can’t miss any single morning not doing so. I make comparisons both to people I consider in upper and lower level than mine. And I ended like never feel thankful of what I have, and simultaneously feel snobbish.

I don’t want to blame my past, but yeah I think it might be derived from my childhood. I remember those Eid Fitr days 10 years back, when my big family gathered in grandma’s house. It’s a nice and warm family time. I had the annual judging panel. No Simon Cowell, the judges are my aunts and uncles.

My aunt started the most avoided question: …