Rio has been sharing his experience in several panels--mostly on journalism practice, media literacy, and digital platform.  

  • MODERATOR at "Debunking Myths of the Sexual Violence Bill" by Sandya Institute
  • GUEST LECTURER at Mobile Journalism Talk with Multimedia Nusantara University
  • MODERATOR at "Readers and Digital Platform" with Bandung Readers Festival
  • MODERATOR at Annual Scholarship Sharing Session with Indonesia Mengglobal 
  • SPEAKER at Introduction to Podcast with Bandung Legal Aid (LBH Bandung)
  • SPEAKER at Podcast Small Workshop with Podcast Indonesia
  • SPEAKER at Digital Media Strategy with Ardhanary Institute and Yayasan Tifa 
  • GUEST LECTURER at "Radio and Digital Age" with Universitas Muhammadiyah Bandung 
  • SPEAKER at Basic Journalism Training with Yakoma PGI, Koko Jali 
  • SPEAKER at Media and Tolerance with HMI Bogor, ANBTI 
  • MODERATOR at book launching “Tigress” with Ayu Meutia, Gramedia 
  • MENTOR with Pengembangan Literasi Inklusif Jurnalistik by Kemenko PMK, Ragam Institute 
  • SPEAKER at Homecoming with GKP Purwakarta 
  • PRESENTER with Cahaya Bangsa Classical School 
  • MODERATOR with Media, Pemuda, dan Toleransi by ANBTI, Yayasan Satu Keadilan 
  • TRAINER at Media Literacy with Bandung Lautan Damai 
  • MODERATOR at book discussion “Agama Pelacur” with Bandung Lautan Damai 
  • MODERATOR at report launch “Bahaya Akut Persekusi LGBT” with LBH Masyarakat 
  • TRAINER at Law Faculty Universitas Negeri Semarang 
  • TRAINER, MENTOR at Writing Workshop with Lex Scientia Universitas Negeri Semarang 
  • TRAINER at Youth Interfaith Camp (YIC) 2018 with Jakatarub, GKP 

  • SPEAKER at Montgomery Blair High School, USA, with Liberty’s Promise 
  • TRAINER at Youth Interfaith Camp (YIC) 2016 with Jakatarub, GKP 
  • SPEAKER at Gembira dengan Perbedaan with Konferensi Waligereja Indonesia (KWI) 
  • SPEAKER, TRAINER at Narrative Writing for Interfaith with Forum Pemuda Lintas Iman Sukabumi

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