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I am a Journalist

Rio produces article, radio piece, and digital video.

After spending a year at VOA in Washington DC, he now back to Indonesia covering politics and minority groups. He also speaks to and trains youths in writing, media literacy, and multimedia production.

He received PPIA-VOA Broadcasting Fellowship in Washington DC and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Fellowship in Manila. A Chevening scholar, currently he is pursuing MA in Media and Communication at Goldsmiths, University of London.

  • London, UK / Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • riotuasikal@gmail.com

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  • Day 3: The Power of Dream?

    Day 3: The Power of Dream?


    It happens all the time: when I strive to have something, I don't get it. Similarly, I get bunch of things when I am simply take it easy.

    I still remember when I ambitiously want to win a news anchor competition at Universitas Indonesia back in 2012. I ended up just being one of the 10 finalists. Contrary, I became the 1st winner of an essay competition at Universitas Pasundan when I just sent my writings and didn't care about it anymore.

    It makes me confused and feel uncertain pretty much about 'the power of dream'. Because many movies, books, and television shows put much emphasize on the power of will. That the universe will conspire in making your dream comes true, as Paulo Coelho said in 'the Alchemist'. Likewise, man jadda wa jadda or who's being determined will be successful, as Ahmad Fuadi said in 'Negeri 5 Menara'.

    The power of support and prayers also affect me the same way. Every time I compete for something, and there are friends and colleagues who wish me luck, I don't get the trophy. But if I silently apply for a competition, I ended up as the best contestant. 

    Same applied when I seeking for job. Three times! Additionally when I apply for journalism awards or exchanges.

    So that's the reason behind my silence all this time. If some friends unintentionally being know about a competition of exchange I join, and asked whether I already applied, I will just answer in general and pretend it to be nothing.

    With all that in mind, I have a distinct opinion on how we should think about our dream. Apply and forget it! Should I write an adversary book to denounce all that motivational theories? 

    - Pacific Place, January 11

    Picture is taken from www.pcwallart.com
  • Day 2: Love Doesn't Work The Way I Thought

    Day 2: Love Doesn't Work The Way I Thought


    I was talking with my Aussie friend, Nicole, today, when I realized that love doesn't work the way I thought. I used to believed in true love. That one person will find his/her partner to settle down happily ever after. Build a family, grow old together, as seen on Disney movies.

    But love is not that simple. We need to experience a lot of opportunities and rejection. We might find our crush often, but then they don't have mutual feeling as we do. They have a feeling towards someone else, who has a feeling towards someone other else.

    On the other hand, we refuse or at least ignore people who like us, but don't attract us. Even if they already confessed their feeling, he/she is not what we are looking for. Isn't life unfair?

    So we stuck in the circle or condemned cupid arrow. Our feeling is just a one way signal, no feedback received. I've been there so many times before. But I was too focused on how many people that rejected me. And I forget the numbers of people who want me to be theirs.

    We tend to be with someone we like that is one galaxy away, rather than to be with someone who already next to us saying they love us. Probably we think that our admirers will always be there and it is too easy if we want to reach them back. But our lovers are challenging.

    Then here's the question: why don't we just fancy a person who coincidentally fancy us? We just flirt the one who has mutual feeling? We only fall in love once, with the person who is our destiny, til the end of time? Wouldn't it be beautiful, fair, just, and no one's hurted?

    But again, that's not how love works. So how? I don't know yet.

    One thing for sure, it is important to keep everyting in a balanced situation. Either to chase your love or accept your admirer. We may seek something further but keep in mind you have to be grateful for having someone who likes you.

    - Grand Indonesia, January 10

    Picture taken from FWallpapers.com
  • Day 1: Sophisticated New Year's Resolution?

    Day 1: Sophisticated New Year's Resolution?


    When I visited the gym today, I saw bunch of people are doing workout there (not to mention tens other applying new membership). This gym is not always this bustling. But today was different, we know the booster: not so surprising but undoubtedly, the new year's resolution.

    New year brings new hopes, targets, and resolutions. They embodied our spirit of being a new and better person. Some want to be in shape, get scholarship, settled down, new job, start business, save more money, you name it.

    People then change so sudden out of nowhere. They stop smoking at once, try new strict diet, cut spending, etc. They put obsessive targets that are wonderful to be written, but apparently not applicable and against human adaptation. Consequently, it's not that unusual if most people will easily give up by the end of January, or in some cases in February.

    This over-excited attitude is problematical. We put too much enthusiasm in the beginning and then it wears off. The thing is, people expect to have a drastic and dramatic results, like entire look or improved financial status, in a short period of time.

    But things won't shift in seconds like fairy godmother granted Cinderella. Transformation is thousand miles away. Face it. The only way we achieve that is doing one simple thing at a time, accumulated for certain amount of time. Nothing instant in this world, guys. Even instant noodles still need 3 minutes to be served.

    Writing resolution is not about having big target. So please keep your target low, but motivation high. Don't use your whole power in the beginning. But distribute it evenly for months of resistance and patience. This is how you'll endure constant challenge to come.

    Additionally, keep in mind that you don't need to see the whole journey, just take the first step. If you come up with an idea of doing 100 push ups a day, decrease the number to five push ups only. And so saving to only Rp 5.000 a day, and so learning language to only 5 new words a day.

    Single act will do. Keep it day by day. Appreciate your small daily success. Those 5 push ups now gradually becomes 10, 20, and 50. Your savings reached 1 million, and your new language reached a whole new lexical level. And after consistent small change you eventually realized that you've traveled that far.

    Enjoy your adventure. Embrace the new you. Happy new year!

    - St. Moritz, January 9

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