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Why a Sport Looser Like Me Keep Going to Gym for 5 Months

For sport teachers,

As you maybe already know, I have joined Fitness First since July - and feel pleasure about it.

I still remember my first class on the club, it was Body Combat. It's a series of non-contact martial arts that pumps your cardio to the highest beat. With Mico as the instructor, there were only four members in the class. Oh no!

As a guy with poor sports background in high school, that tiny class was intimidating me. Back in 2006, I was a student with a terrible score in sport. I got 30, yes that small, for joining the class only twice. The biggest reason is that I am afraid. I have never been a star in the soccer field since forever. I usually fail to get the ball, and when I do, I kick it wrong. It applies too to any sport you can mention: basket ball, volley ball. I obviously can be proud that I am good at chess - but well that's not physical.

Thinking about my past, my legs were shaking.

"Any first timer?" Mico's question shocked me.

I loo…