Why a Sport Looser Like Me Keep Going to Gym for 5 Months

For sport teachers,


As you maybe already know, I have joined Fitness First since July - and feel pleasure about it.

I still remember my first class on the club, it was Body Combat. It's a series of non-contact martial arts that pumps your cardio to the highest beat. With Mico as the instructor, there were only four members in the class. Oh no!

As a guy with poor sports background in high school, that tiny class was intimidating me. Back in 2006, I was a student with a terrible score in sport. I got 30, yes that small, for joining the class only twice. The biggest reason is that I am afraid. I have never been a star in the soccer field since forever. I usually fail to get the ball, and when I do, I kick it wrong. It applies too to any sport you can mention: basket ball, volley ball. I obviously can be proud that I am good at chess - but well that's not physical.

Thinking about my past, my legs were shaking.

"Any first timer?" Mico's question shocked me.

I looked outside, pretending to be familiar with this class while I am not. But my heart couldn't lie: What if I can't follow the movement? What if I get tired too soon? What if I am weak for real? What if I slain? How can I hide?

And, the class started. God help me...


As I hardly jab and kick - which both terms I knew just that time - my worries gradually turned into nothing. Hey, Mico just smiled and gave instruction about the right position - and didn't evaluate me nor others at all. Even when I stopped a while to drink or breathe, Mico didn't mention it. And, that's how my first class went OK.

So I get the similar experience in all classes I attended. From the total workout of Body Pump to funky dance of Body Jam, or Gentle Flow Yoga, or even the session with personal trainer, the instructors never judged anyone.

"Just dance," a Body Jam instructor Winna told me.

"This is about yourself, not others," a Yoga teacher Farida said.

From them, I learned that sports should not be considered as competition, no one should be evaluated or ranked. This is not a training for Olympic - and no one is an athlete anyway. Here, everybody have their own capacity, all you have to do is start from your position, and everyone feels secure about themselves.

This is hugely important for everyone. Simply think of people with obessity who were trying to get rid of that belly fat. They must have double pressures: body capacity and people who underestimate them. Thanks to the non-judgement environment gym has to offer, they only need to focus about health and not label. It will strongly help people who want to be healthier.

So that's how I keep going to the gym in recent months. My body has changed a bit more muscular, well, but the most valuable point is my frame of thinking. Sport is fun-centered, not rank-centered. It's a health-concious, not a health check. The only comparison you will have is you vs yourself. And I am jubilant to see everybody's involved.

Sports teachers, please kindly consider this. 

Picture is from imgtrendy.com