[Spoken Words] Someone Grabbed My Chest

One afternoon a person I know grabbed my chest

told me to cover it and don't be a showcase

I dodged his hand moving towards me

demanded his immediate apology

But he said sorry because I was angry

not for invading my body

He held my back towards him to denotes

that we're fine but I am not.

Because it wasn't the joke that is rubbish

But without my consent, the touch is a wrong choice.

I choose not to fear

I shouted to make it clear

It is never your business

to comment on my body and be a fashion police

You may see a woman with burqa or bikini

or me with a tuxedo or naked in the city

fat, athletic, or skinny

from all spectrum of sexuality

Don't teach us what to wear

But teach your brain to be aware

this is my right to express

and not your chance to oppress

- Bandung, December 11, 2018

Picture is taken from Sea School of Embodiment