Looking for Lailatul Bazaar?

By Rio Tuasikal / @riotuasikal

“Have you bought trousers?” my mother asked this afternoon. The same question from the last three days. My answer was same too, I won’t buy trousers this year. I even didn’t spend any cent for fashion. I only bought 2 books instead, which are more valuable for me.

What about you? Have you, in these last Ramadhan days, bought clothes for Idul Fitri? Big discounts are happening in malls over the city. From baju koko (a chinese-influenced muslim man outfit), gamis (a long dress) to youths style. From pious, formal to even sexy. All priced with vary discount.

Cheap price is fulfill our needs to have new clothes in Idul Fitri. Some of us, which recieve THR (religious holidays subsidy), even will use it for irreligious purposes : buying gadget, buying clothes, or traveling. In Idul Fitri, we are like a boss with financial freedom, buying merchandise, take a lunch at popular places, then regret for not saving some money. Yes, we were more egocentric.

This overspend was happening over the month. Malls were visited by 15% - 40% more people while Ramadhan (Kompas.com July 15), and it was not surprising. It is obvious, we like to turn our fasting challenges into fancy things. Turning our starving into traveling. We sleep, go to cinema, look for takjil (meal for breaking fast), just to wait maghrib (sunset) comes.

I was forced to make a conclusion : Ramadhan is a culinary festival, Idul Fitri is the main stage, and, oh yes, the theme is Middle East. A month of fused with amusement, didn’t know how many ngabuburit (waiting maghrib, usually by hangout or play) or breaking fast together. Almost didn’t realize hedonism which covered by religion atmosphere. At last, to the meaning of fasting, we forget it.

So where is the sacred spirit of Ramadhan? That we are called to live unwealth, giving empathy to the homeless, and control our desire for things. But we refused them. We preferred to catch a midnight sale, pretended it is allowed—especially with religious songs as back sound. How can we keep buying new clothes when another human somewhere is still hungry?

I’m dreaming about returning Ramadhan and Idul Fitri noiseless. Without discount, firecrackers, and television showing too much holy texts. When it is our time to train our empathy, then entering Idul Fitri without cookies and THR. It means, we live the spirit of Ramadhan, and keep our minds busy with cleaning our heart from hatred and prejudice.

Clear emotion. Clean heart. Were them get discount too? Yet? []