What We Can Learn from #IllRideWithYou


It has been a week since Man Haron Monis attacked Cafe Lindt in Sydney, but the spirit of #IllRideWithYou is relevant forever.

The inspiration within the hashtag derived from a simple act on a train. We remember how Rachael Jacobs said to a women who silently removed her jilbab, to keep wearing it. Yes, Rachael understands that the woman was afraid if someone will attack her because of what Monis have done in other place. But Rachael will ride with her.

I simply cannot understand how Rachael was thinking that day. How can Rachael were trying to protect a woman with jilbab, while at the same time, there is a crazy man, attacked a cafe with the symbol of the same religion which jilbab comes from. If I were Rachael, I will punch the woman at once as a revenge.

But Rachael was true. And fortunately she was followed by good and fabulous people across Australia and the globe!

The hashtag #IllRideWithYou showed us how cool people avoid judgement, stereotype, and generalization.

It says like, "There is nothing wrong with jilbab, since there is no relation between appearance and behaviour."

And it continues like, "Okay, Monis is crazy, but it doesn't mean all moslems are the same." In Islam: tabayyun.

Australians has proved us that solidarity has no religion boundaries. It has no business if you are wearing jilbab or not, once you are human, I'll protect you. United Nations and the global community call it humanity. We call it kindness.

That's why Aussie moslems--- even moslems from other countries--- said thanks to the people involved in the hashtag. Because we all are really tired with prejudice et cetera. We are tired of being rejected just because of what we believe or wear, jilbab or rosary.

If christian-majority-secular-state Australia has protected our moslem brothers and sisters fighting prejudice, so why moslem-majority-Pancasila-state-Indonesia cannot do the same to fellow Christian citizens?

Why do GKI Yasmin and HKBP Filadelfia will celebrate Xmas outside their legal churches, again this year?

Are we brave enough to say to them, "Just go to your church. And if you are afraid, I'll ride with you"?***

Rio Tuasikal writes on human diversity. Now a reporter for radio news agency KBR 68H---which believes in democracy and human rights. Follow his Twitter @riotuasikal.


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