• Fitness First and Transjakarta Were Celebrating Kartini's Day All Wrong

    To Fitness First and Transjakarta

    Today, I find that our struggle for gender equality is still thousand miles away. 

    This evening, Fitness First Senayan City conducted a special event for Kartini's Day named FITGIRL. The so-called carnaval consists of several classes by only female instructors wearing batik, tracks by female singers only, and the club decorated with batik. But the worst part was the merchandise was for girl  participants only.

    Went home, I was waiting for a Transjakarta bus. The first bus is half pink and has huge text of "Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang" (After darkness, there's light) written on the sides of the bus. Then the bus attendant rejected me as the bus is for female passengers only.

    Wait a minute, is this how they commemorating Kartini's Day? Where is the equality between girls and boys that our national heroine has shown us decades ago? Open your history book and you'll easily find that Kartini fought for equality, not the special treat for girls!

    You guys have hijacked Kartini's Day by embarassingly misinterpreting her noble ideas. Thanks for your stupidity now our future of gender-equal world even more uncertain. []


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