Meet Muslim in Tagaytay, Philippines

Text and photo by Rio Tuasikal

Abu Bakar Hajiali (39) and Ismail Adapun (37)

At first, they were staring at us, strangely. 

"Assalamualaikum," said Rudi of Thailand.

Then we knew we are one muslim family, broke any border of our 3 different nationalities.

We got 30 minutes preaching in arabic and Tagalog here in a small mosque in Tagaytay City, the Philippines, a week ago. Muslim community here is not so big, maybe only 50 families.
Originally from Mindanao, now mostly of them work in a market near the mosque.

They are really humble and friendly.


Sakareeya (grey) and Foon (black) talked to two muslim boys.
Upin Ipin of the Philippines!